Sailing one day 150EUR/pers

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Take your company or group out to the Stockholm archipelage with Vsailing. We will take you onboard our 53 feet sailing yacht for a whole day.


Onboard the yachts you will find all necessary equipment to make your day parfect.


We can arrange food onboard or on a restaurant in the archipelago.

Call or mail your request or order to +46730643939; info@vsailing.se


Cultur beats strategy - Willness beats it all!


Jonas has worked all over the world as a corporate leader in management positions. He has been sailing around the world, worked as a Captain and as entrepeneur started companies.


Jonas gives lectures in English in devolpiment processes, cultural issues and in a humoristic way gives example on own projects that has went both ways. Book or request to info@vsailing.se, info@vedsmand.se or www.skillspartner.se

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